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Welcome to Northern Birdsong and tromsofoto.net !

We are photographers and sound recorders based in Tromsø, Norway 350 Kms North of the Arctic circle.

Our hope is you will enjoy the photos and recordings of species from Europe, the Arctic, Antarctica and Eastern Africa!

Okay, so they are not all "Arctic" as such, but remember most of our birds go far South due to harsh winters for months here North. And sometimes so do we and our family! Here are stuff from 72S to 81N!


If you are looking for any specific birdsound more examples would be found at Xeno-Canto. For other recording like mammals and soundscapes go to Soundcloud, breaching Humpbacked whales, Elk, Red fox, Lions etc.

And if you are looking for photos or videos for your project please have a look at tromsofoto.net and browse through our galleries. Our photos and birdsounds are beeing utilized from Hawaii to Wales to Svalbard at 79N.



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Stein Ø. Nilsen

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All photos Copyright: Tone Malm & Stein Ø. Nilsen